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Stryx's Full Lineup Kit


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This Complete Kit is full to the brim with everything Stryx has to offer. This is a great way to start a routine or make sure you're never caught off guard. We also think it makes a killer gift for Father's Day in 2022. It includes:

Concealer Tool: Quickly hide any imperfections - pimples, razor burns, scars, or other discoloration. (.064oz / 1.8g)

Tinted Moisturizer:¬†The ultimate answer to acne -¬†soothingly ‚Äúcools‚ÄĚ redness and evens skin tone, then nourishes skin for instant improvement of any breakout areas.¬†(1.76oz / 50g)

Gel Cleanser: Protect and refresh your skin every day with healthy botanical ingredients. (3.3oz / 93.5g)

Energizing Eye Tool: This unique serum is specially formulated to brighten, nourish and invigorate the soft skin around your eyes. (8ml / .27oz)

Brow & Beard Gel Comb: Achieve beard grooming perfection in seconds & tame bushy, unruly eyebrows. (15ml / .5oz)

Bronzing Gel: Achieve a perfect tan look in seconds anywhere you want a healthy glow: face, scalp, neck, or arms. (2oz / 59ml)

Anti-Shine Tool: Reduce shine, control oil, and prevent that late-day greasy feeling. (6.8g / .24oz)

Daily Moisturizer | SPF 30: Block harmful UV rays while keeping your skin fresh and hydrated. (3.3oz / 100ml)

Advanced Lip Balm: Nourishing, soothing, hydrating… everything lips need to keep themselves happy. (3.4g / .12oz)

Pimple Patches‚ĄĘ:¬†These¬†hydrocolloid Pimple Patches‚ĄĘ radically reduce the time it takes to heal zits, pimples¬†& blemishes by removing the dirt and bacteria under your skin.

Microfiber Cleansing Disc:¬†Clear away impurities deep in your pores where cotton fibers just can‚Äôt reach ‚ÄĒ giving you a better clean with less abrasion. Reusable, too!

Pro Blending Wedge: The ideal tool for a professional, natural-looking, application of Stryx cosmetics.

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