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The 1, 2, 3 (and apparently 4's) of growing a beard according to a REAL person who has gone through the journey of creating a well-shaped beard. In this video, Chris Williams shares with us what he found to be the most helpful along his journey. 

TLDW (too long didn't watch) - see below video. 



Firstly, you should watch because it really is a magnificent beard. JK. Hacks:

1. Grow it longer than you actually want it. This will help you shape it to perfection. 

2. Use a hair dryer. It'll take your beard to the next level. (Also, that's one way to work out your arms while styling that magnificent beard -- my words, not Chris'). 

3. Align with your life partner. Their relationship with your beard will be very different than your relationship with your beard. Gotta do something that works for both of you, unless you're ok never getting kissed again. 

4. Learn from a pro. Go to an experienced barber and get a personalized 1:1 session to learn how to get to your vision. 

So much more on face care and beards coming soon. 

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