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I'm excited to announce that Scruff & Smooth has expanded with an additional brand: Modern Ritual. I handpick every partner that joins Scruff & Smooth and these two co-founders are amazing people on an incredible mission. Dermatologist Dr. Goldstein's husband and Elianna's father had skin cancer, so this mother-daughter duo founded a company on a mission to reduce skin cancer and improve men's skin health.

This video talks about their WHY, and how much research and thought they put into creating their products. It also provides information on the impact of sun damage on the skin, including risk of skin cancer (melanoma), signs of aging, and how to combat both with products that focus on health first.

I'm deeply honored that Elianna and Dr. Goldstein also chose to work with me, as my mission in creating Scruff & Smooth is to elevate emerging brands that create quality products specifically for men, as men are largely underserved in the facecare and skincare industry. Modern Ritual's line of products were created with purpose, and Elianna and Dr. Goldstein are both incredible people which is #1 on my list in choosing partners.
Modern Ritual (formerly known as Get Mr.) created an incredibly thoughtful product that caters to men, while focusing on their health at a whole new level. The Daily 3-in-1 is packed with effective ingredients and is highly functional, while reducing sun damage. It is a broad-spectrum sunscreen (SPF), moisturizer, and aftershave lotion all in one. And it's mineral-based and is therefore also good for the planet. BOOM.
So, for men who are asking how to start a skincare routine, this 3-in-1 product is the best way to start. It's one product and accomplishes so much. Find Modern Ritual's The Daily 3-in-1 here:


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